Colour for designers can be a complex issue with files coming form all over and printers asking for PDF with a variety of specifications. Add to this that work has to be seen online, corporate logos need to be consistent across web-print-fabric and helps needed sometimes to navigate a way to manage it all. At Print and proof we have helped and work with all sorts of designers, magazines - luxury yachts - clothing - 3d rendering, and all have needed to get better colour control and consistency.

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Welcome to Print & Proof

Print & Proof are here to help you understand and control colour.

You're probably here because you have a problem with how the print looks compared to the screen or one of a number of common issues people have every day.

At Print and Proof we've helped hundreds of people & companies to solve the problems through training, software and hardware.

To find out more please call Malcolm Mackenzie on 07910 412 431.

Who we work with

Anyone who needs colour accuracy, predictability and a better understanding of how to achieve this.

Artists, Designers, Galleries, Photographers, Publishers, Printers the list goes on!

Over the last 10 years we have helped individuals to large companies control their colour better.

Based on ISO Standards and Industry Best Practise to ensure you get the best and appropriate knowledge and equipment. 

 We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Colour Management Courses


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